X-Core Reactor + Virus model = Summer Fun

With the Gold Coast set to become the 8th official World Surfing Reserve in 2016 you can see why it’s a fitting location for Hammo Headquarters! Through gold coast shortboards you can almost guarantee a wave where the easterly swell and the winds work together to produce perfect smaller waves on a regular basis.

At Hammo, we’re working with X-Core Reactor utilising their patented technology which uses military grade raw products and premium grade foams to maximise your surfing experience in these conditions perfectly!

Our testing ground covers both the lab and real world application for absolute and true results. Our professional team with many years of experience and the use of state of the art technology have created a truly first-rate board. Combining strength and flexibility to give you the ride you want.

No matter what conditions the surfboard shapers have tailored a board to suit you. Now we’ve teamed the X-Core Reactor technology with the Virus model and this is what we’ve come up with.

I know, a Virus you actually want! A cross-bred Super-board!

The Virus is a fantastic, user-friendly model for summer fun,specifically engineered for the smaller conditions. Extremely easy to paddle with a flat rocker throughout the board it works exceptionally well with the X-Core Reactor’s advanced technology.

With flexing out on the tail,the X-Core Reactor combined with the Virus and its wider outline coming into a baby swallow, it comes up to speed quickly giving you drive throughout your turns flexing as it’s needed. This board will let you turn on a dime saving you energy turning around to go again – it’s great for smaller conditions.

Conclusion – This is the perfect summer board! Get yours today! Contact our team today on 07 5536 7850, shoot us an email at hello@hammo.com.au or hit up one of our stockists.  Click through to the Hammo Virus Model here