The Virus – Model of the Month

We’re thrilled to be introducing our newest Board of the Month – the Virus! This is probably the first (and no doubt the only!) occasion where you will associate the word “virus” with something entirely fun, and something you actually want to keep around!

The Virus is already a huge hit among surfboards australia, and with the following features it’s easy to see why we’re all making a splash about it!

Tried and tested, the Virus is a dream to ride – it’s an extremely user-friendly board sporting a very low nose and tail rocker, and is so easy to paddle – getting up to speed in no time at all – saving your energy so you can spend even more time riding those waves!

Plus, turning this baby is a real treat – it has a wide outline, but its tail has a big hip into a baby swallow, meaning you can turn on the spot, no sweat! Turning in time to catch that next break just got a whole lot easier!

All in all, it really is the perfect board for your typical mushy beach breaks! But it doesn’t stop there… Fin Systems, Carbon and Art are just some of the optional extras we’re offering, enabling you to fully customize your new Virus!

In keeping with delivering premium surfboard shapers, we use premium materials like EPS (Epoxy), CoreFlex2 PU (available in all colours), CoreFlex2 EPS (also available in all colours), and Stringerless PU (without Carbon).

For the first time ever, enjoy surfing with a Virus!

Keen to get the ball rolling and secure your very own Virus? No dramas – it’s as easy as picking up an actual virus! All you need to do is get touch with our team today! And don’t forget to follow us on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, and share the love for all things surf!