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Spring Competition

Another month has passed, and we’re kicking off the new one with a competition you won’t want to miss!

But before we get too carried away with talk of PRIZES and what have you, let’s have a quick look at what’s been happening for buy surfboards.

First up, HATS OFF TO OUR FELLOW SURFER MICK FANNING for standing up to that shark! We’ve seen a number of amusing summaries of this event, but we think this one sums it up perfectly: “Shark attacked by Aussie surfer”! Good on ya mate!

Next up, our boys Korbin and Quinn have just arrived back from touring and competing in Japan, while Jackson is currently searching for waves on the Indonesian coasts! Not too familiar with our crew? Here’s a quick summary!

  • Young Jackson (aka Jacko) born in NSW is a big fan of “airs”, while not so keen on “cutbacks”. He recently made the “top 100” list with Surfing Life, coming in at number 12! You can catch a video of his surfing here: https://hammo.com.au/team/326-2/
  • Korbin is our surfer from “across the ditch” – aka NZ! With a love for carves, punts and tubes, Korbin keeps it interesting. Watch his video here: https://hammo.com.au/team/eddie-rainbow/
  • While Quinn comes from South Australia, sharing his love for Hacks and Airs and proudly sponsored by Volcom, Otis Eyewear and Nixon! Check him out here: https://hammo.com.au/team/quinn-bruce/

Now for the exciting part! What’s up for grabs??

Only an ex-team board of your choice, Korbin’s, Quinn’s or Jacko’s! What do you need to do? Click through here and leave your details for the draw… that’s it! These boards have been there, done that, and of course have been ridden by the successful young pros in our family! I’m sure it will be bittersweet for the boys saying goodbye to their gold coast surfboard stores, but who doesn’t love giving something away that truly inspires and impacts a fan!? So don’t miss out on this wicked prize, and subscribe today!