Quiksilver Pro Wrap Up

Hey guys, it’s been yet another incredible event, with this year’s Quiksilver Pro showing us the world’s best. I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with one of the coolest young surfers, Wiggolly Dantas during this event – he stayed with me and we had loads of fun with him gold coast shortboards, and I was thrilled to be able to help him familiarise himself with the surf at Snapper Rocks. As a rising star in the sport, this guy’s enthusiasm and passion for surfing is contagious – I can’t wait to see more of him and his skills in the future!

2015-09-16_1521It was great fun hanging out and mixing with all the pros who participated at Snapper Rocks, each and every one is a champion and they all showed astounding discipline, enthusiasm and potential.

The incredibly successful Kelly Slater took time to talk boards with me and even used my shaping bay with glass lab! I love that after years in the industry I still get excited – I suppose it’s hard not to when you’re surrounded by surfing legends like Kelly!

This year’s winner, Felipe Toledo is a great example of the talent emerging from young surfers. Brazil has been turning out some incredible surfers and Felipe is just one of them. It was a great pleasure getting to hang out with him after the event at the Quiksilver Pro ball along with the likes of Adriano de Souza.

Image 3You can read what Felipe has to say about his victory here:

http://www.surfinglife.com.au/world-tour/13269-filipe-toledo-wins-the-2015-quiksilver-pro-gold-coast .

The ball was full of inspiring individuals, here is our very own designer Veri Freitas and 6 time world champion surfer Steph Gilmore! It’s all been a blur with each day proving to be as exciting as the day before!

All of us here at gold coast surfboard shop had such a fantastic time it’s almost sad it had to come to an end! Until next time, stay safe and keep ripping it up.