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Meet Our Team Riders and Join the Hammo Family

Hammo isn’t just a surfboards makers – we’re also a family. For several years, Dane has been passionate about taking juniors under his wing and teaching them the ropes. “It’s extremely important to support young talented surfers through competitions and... READ MORE >

Now Available at Boardcave

Well peeps, Happy Friday as we are pleased to announce that Hammo Surfboards full range of board models is now proudly available for your delight at Boardcave.  If you’ve been living under a rock for the past while, let me... READ MORE >

High Quality Surfboard Shapers in Australia

The Australian dollar has dropped along with the temperature but by no means does this spell trouble for the surfing industry – quite the opposite! As demand for buy surfboards is on the rise, Hammo Surfboards (among others) reputation for... READ MORE >

Quiksilver Pro Wrap Up

Hey guys, it’s been yet another incredible event, with this year’s Quiksilver Pro showing us the world’s best. I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with one of the coolest young surfers, Wiggolly Dantas during this event – he stayed... READ MORE >

The Virus – Model of the Month

We’re thrilled to be introducing our newest Board of the Month – the Virus! This is probably the first (and no doubt the only!) occasion where you will associate the word “virus” with something entirely fun, and something you actually... READ MORE >

Welcome to the New Hammo Webby

There comes a time with all things when you need to freshen things up, kind of like getting a new board and tucking it in at night. That fresh, crisp feel and the anticipation of taking her for a spin.... READ MORE >