High Quality Surfboard Shapers in Australia

The Australian dollar has dropped along with the temperature but by no means does this spell trouble for the surfing industry – quite the opposite! As demand for buy surfboards is on the rise, Hammo Surfboards (among others) reputation for delivering exceptional quality boards precedes them – and as summer kicks off in Japan orders are rolling in hot and fast, resulting in hundreds of boards being exported each month!

With the Australian dollar worth around 93 yen orders are likely to continue flowing in as fast as the incoming tide! It’s an exciting time for surfboard shapers and suppliers, as their attention to detail makes them some of the only exporters WORLDWIDE to meet the high expectations of the Japanese. This in itself is quite a feat!

Here we have our very own Dane Hamilton with Adam Wessel featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin (we’re pretty excited about this!) – You can read all about this increase in demand and our great relations with Japan surfers and buyers: http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/business/demand-for-gold-coast-surfboards-peaks-in-japan-on-back-of-weak-aussie-dollar/story-fnjc2dm2-1227325379130

Here at Hammo Surfboards we’re all about delivering only the best quality boards, nationally and internationally – It’s hugely rewarding to see this hard work recognized by international buyers too!