Japan Tour 2016

What an incredible trip to Japan! Visiting customers, surf shops, friends that we’d met last year, and our good friend Mar San.


This year was a completely different scenario from Hammo’s first trip to Japan last year in 2015 where we experienced Typhoon after Typhoon generating big waves the entire time. 2016 conditions were the total polar opposite, no typhoon with only small, less powerful waves on offer.


First stop we headed to Chiba, to meet up with the Ogawa brothers, Yukio and Naohisa so Dane could shape a few boards with the boys and listen to some important feedback about his designs. It’s always plenty of fun hanging with these two!


The following day was Demo Day. Starting out early in the morning and finishing late into the afternoon it was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones at the same time.


From there we headed down to Shonan where the Qualifying Series “QS” was about to start and we were all eager to get amongst the action. Shonan was busy and very crowded, once again the extreme opposite from last year. The weather was crazy, hot and humid, and the waves were only small making it hard to gauge the skill level, but judging by the upbeat mood of the surfers, the simple fact that they’re out in the water, soaking up rays was enough for most of them. That competition is very similar to the US Open / AUS open as it attracts people from everywhere not to mention it was summer and a public holiday which only added to the atmosphere.


All in all, it was a great trip, and very important for Hammo Surfboards future. At the end of the trip Dane was really stoked and glad that he got to see how the conditions are most of the time, and how important this is in really understanding how to make surfboards that can work better in typical smaller Japan waves. The ultimate goal being to improve boards for those kind of conditions making sure both competitive and recreational surfers are on the right equipment.


Thank you to everyone that contributed to such an amazing trip! We appreciate your support, and the relationships we continue to build with you.