Hammo Expands into Brazil

Typically when we think of Brazil we think colourful carnivals, samba, and nearly non-existent swimwear – but anyone with a surfing passion will know that Brazil is also a wicked place to catch some wicked waves!

It’s been a big year for us at Hammo surf shop australia, for a number of reasons. But perhaps one of the more exciting developments is our recent expansion into manufacturing and distributing our quality boards in Brazil, making our products available for keen surfers across South America! Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect our manufacturing here in Australia, it simply means our designs can now be sent for manufacturing overseas.

We’ve been extremely lucky to have developed long lasting friendships with Brazilian pro surfers, and now in partnership with Snapy surfboards australia we’re super excited about being able to expand our reach and deliver the same great service in Brazil. The same workmanship will be applied, Hammo Surfboards has never cut corners when it comes to using the best materials, and this won’t change with our overseas production.

There’s absolutely no doubt we wouldn’t be where we are today without the love and support from our friends and family across the world, and we will always be grateful for this!

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