There are three main things that come to mind when trying to explain what it is that encapsulates Hammo Surfboards and what makes us tick.

Shaping for waves
and individuals
  • Surfing is still (and always will be) about a love of the ocean.
  • Secondly, there’s something about hanging out with your mates and people from around your community that always makes surfing that little bit better. A good example is the old’ surf club beers or a classic road trip!
  • Thirdly, it’s about the equipment that you’re riding. You want it to feel comfortable under your feet. You want it to be purely an extension of one’s self and walk or ride to your own style. You also want to know it’s a by-product of years of thought & design tweaks.

...I aim to put 100% into every board I shape; I see it as my contribution to surfing, not just locally but worldwide." Dane

Our team riders are our family, our shared love for surfing is a bond like no other. We win, we lose, we do it with pride and as one.Dane

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